Saturday, March 5, 2011

PROOFSHEETS 1978 #0001-#0005

Please take a look and share so photographers can claim their images. I will be posting up 5 sheets on a daily basis. This truly is a collection of archival history. Please leave comments below.







corduroy films said...

Hi Doug....!

Thanks for doing this....!! I lost a fair amount of work (negs & slides) at Surfing. I left thinking that at some point I'd get my film back, but it was not the case. I'll check with your posts daily to see if I can identify anything. If possible try to make the scans as large as possible...but whatever you do it's very much appreciated. Did you end up buying the entire lot.....if so, good for you...and thanks again!!

Tom Sutherland

corduroy films said...

Lance Trout
Hey Doug ,
Sheet1- know that Frames #14 ,15 ,16 ,and 17 are mine .
Sheet2- (none)
Sheet3- (none) But , I would like a scan or buy prints of Frames #8,9,or10 [ whoever shot the portrait let me know ]
Sheet4- (none)

corduroy films said...

Chris Klopf if u find any shots of mine, please let me know.. surfing mag and flame lost all my stuff early to mid 70's, some really classic california images. really bummed me out at the time

corduroy films said...

just had a glance and will jump on in -- such a great pursuit!
drew kampion

corduroy films said...

Brian Bulkley ‎1st shot 3rd row down is a shot that Bob Barbour took of me if that helps. Cracked me up to see a shot on the 1st page. Trouble seeing a photo numbers. Wow, thats some story you have going. Wish you the best in your adventure. From all of us, thankyou for sharing the memories of some of the best times of our lives. I'll help if I can. Also one shot of jackie Dunn you have there is one very famous poster shot, dragging his hand on that monster Pipe Mountin. Very cool. BB

corduroy films said...

Brian Bulkley Third sheet Arron Chang, Dan merkle and Lance Trout, Classic

corduroy films said...

Brian Bulkley sht 5 might be James Booby Jones standing with someone and the surfboards. Did you put these on Surfer mag on line? The forum would go crazy over this stuff

corduroy films said...

Lance Trout ‎@Doug, the stories are great to get down now , before too much time has passed , and the collective memories get skewed .

corduroy films said...

Lance Trout Brian , Contact Sheet#1 , Frame18 . Wow , great photo that I never saw , Big glassy Pipeline !

corduroy films said...

Scott Bass Doug-

This is so cool, very good stuff. Recognize some of these images, the Jackie Dunn at Pipe, etc.

Geir said...

Hi Doug,
Cool project. What an effort you have put into this. And to the photographers and surfers: Amazing images!